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Maison Caujaulet  X Airprotect©   

Do not let your children's without protection! 

Einstein used to say "Big problems always have a simple solution". In the current global turmoil, we decided to collaborate with Airprotect© to design the perfect product to provide a simple answer to this global pandemic. Stay healthy and safe with the filter AIR-PRO™!

Protect yourself from the surrounding air

▶︎ Limits the risk of being contaminated or contaminating
▶︎ Protection against any attack
▶︎ Multilayer filter equipment (5 layers)
▶︎ Reusable
▶︎ Stock available - Worldwide shipping

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Protect yourself from the surrounding air

Air protect pro is a durable solution against virus contagion. Elements such as pathogens, pollution, floral pollen, bacteria or other chemicals are more than 90% filtered thanks to its N95 standard. The materials are developed in a delicate cotton very comfortable and with a proven effective filtering power. Equipped with a double air valve device it facilitates breathing, within the it, no feeling of heating which allows not to have discomfort or fogging on glasses or contact lenses.

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