Here at Maison Cajaulet, we are so grateful to have donated over $1 Million to more than 75 charity partners. We love to give back to organizations that we believe are making a difference in the world.

Due to the current emergency in Haiti, we've decided to participate to the major program fighting child malnutrition that is supported by the World Health Organization.

Last year, we donated more than 1,500,000 meals to childs in Haiti thanks to our charity partner Love A Child.

*The cost of a meal is calculated based on the $10,000 cost to ship a container of 272,000 meals.

Love A Child | A Christian Nonprofit Serving the Poor | Haiti Charity


Be the gift to a better future. Today, you have the possibility to help eradicating child malnutrition.


For every Jewelry you purchase at Maison Cajaulet, we will donate a meal to a child in Haiti. 


In an effort to be more transparent with our consumers, feel free to request our donation amounts and other information you would like to know about the donation.

.In addition to the information provided above, we would like to note that the donation associated with the sales of every charity-related product is not tax-deductible to the purchaser.

We hope that this disclaimer is helpful to our customers purchasing with a cause in mind and if there are any questions regarding our charity program, please reach out to nina@maisoncajaulet.com.




    Transparency and Trust

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